"I.S.CO. operates as a Risk Manager since 1978 having 30 years of experience in the International Insurance and Reinsurance Market."

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I.S.CO. is specialized in Risk Management and insurance covers regarding Greek interests abroad and foreign interests in the Greek region.

I.S.C.O. operates as a Risk Manager and an Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, providing the highest level of services, focusing on our client’s needs. It has a considerable growth in the market, offering reinsurance services, treaties and facultative business and solutions for big risks to private and government owned insurance companies in Greece and various insurance companies abroad.


shipI.S.CO. has a successful presence in the Greek and international insurance and reinsurance market since 1978, and boasts a portfolio that is growing steadily thanks to its financial solvency, efficiency, credibility, reliability and unique quality of services provided to its clientele.